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Kukuh has joined us since a little more than a month ago as a biologist. At PCBA he will be focusing on in-situ conservation and conservation education. His frst project is to further the in-situ conservation programme on Wangi-wangi Island along with Febry, our other biologist. Prior to joining us in PCBA, Kukuh has dedicated his expertise in Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor. Currently, he is also among the Banteng (Bos Javanicus) GSMP team. Kukuh is a highly valued addition to our team in PCBA.
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PCBA has constantly grown over the last few years. While in the beginning our facilities were centered on less than one hectar, today we have about two hectares to care for. To make sure that everything is kept in check and our plants are well cared for, we now employed a second gardener. As time went by, Yanto has also shown a keen interest in birdkeeping to which he also now commits himself in PCBA. Having been involved in the construction process of many facilities in PCBA as part of a the vendor team, Yanto possesses an important insight in caring for animals in captivity. We are happy to have him as a core team.
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Nia became the newest addition to our team at the beginning of April 2022. In Indonesia, animal keeping is a field that is commonly dominated by make keepers. Nia's contribution in this field is more than a representation. She has demonstrated motivation and learning progress that are unequalled by other candidates. We are excited to have her on board!
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Zaka joined our PCBA Team at the end of September this year. This is the first time Zaka to be involved in this important breeding conservation for endangered species. Despite that, he has shown a continuous effort and dedication to fit in with the team dynamic and hard work. Zaka is another fine addition to PCBA.