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At the end of 2021, our biologist and researcher, Febry and Keni, went to Wangi-wangi Island to conduct an initial survey. This article talks about their observation on the island and their findings.
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With the recent increase of threats to the peat swamp forests in Indonesia, the blackwater habitat that is home to numerous native Parosphromenus and Betta fish are also threatened. The fish have become scarce and declining in the wild. PCBA has been working to conserve these fish species in its newly build fish room. This text outlines its effort in doing so.
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The Javan Pied Starlings vanish from the wild yet are conserved in a different way. van Balen and Collar, two prominent ornithologists who have been dedicating their work to study birds from many places in the world, recently published a journal addressing this issue. They suggest that Javan Pied Starling will benefit from coordinated conservation work from various movements. PCBA as a conservation breeding organisation will play a major role in this joint effort.
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As per December 16, 2020, the Hill Myna population of PCBA has moved into the new unit that is built on the support of the Zootier des Jahres and Vogelpark Marlow.