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The Javan slow loris's distribution, which is endemic to Java, undergoes significant fragmentation and substantial land use for residential, economical and agricultural purposes. The continuous habitat loss is threatening its existence in the wild. Besides that, despite being protected under the Indonesian Law, the Javan slow loris is regularly captured to supply pet trade and medicinal purposes, which is a contributing factor to its diminishing population. Their slow-moving nature, choice of sleeping spots and nocturnal habits make Javan slow loris easy prey to the hunters.
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Although it is assessed as Least Concern (LC), its estimated number in the wild is unknown. The number of weasels of this species being traded online recently has been significantly increasing prompting the effort for its conservation breeding. Furthermore, taxonomic knowledge of this species remains vague. Including it in our focal species list will be beneficial for further scientific research.
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Even though its distribution wide, the recent trend in the pangolin trade is menacing the wild population. It is the most trafficked wild mammal in the world.
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The population is declining in the wild. Human activities, such as agriculture, settlement, and sport hunting have been the main causes of their extinction.